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Advent of Code 2020

Last year I was lured into participating in Advent of Code, a programming contest/challenge that presents a two-part puzzle each day during December until Christmas proper, just like an advent calendar. This year, as it turns out, I was active in luring other people into participating.

I like the concept because it can be as competitive as you like (in my case, not at all) and you don't have to complete one day's puzzle to be able to see the next one. It's fun to discuss the problems, solutions and possible optimizations and implementation variations with friends and colleagues.

A bit of code

Warning: This code is "as-is", complete with wonky formatting, glaring flaws, messy design and spurious comments. Most solutions are spur of the moment, "stream of thought" code geared at solving the problem at hand. They're not written for beauty, maintainability or even for being the very best solution.

2021-10-23: Decided to give a few of the remaining days a shot to see how I felt about doing them, testing the waters in preparation for AoC 2021. Not too bad but also not overly inspired. The jury's out, for now.